Hi, I’m Jason Reading and I am a Web Developer.

I work as part of the Lowe and Partners “Lowe Labs” digital technologies team.

I use PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript to forge websites and tools for local - and now global - businesses.

I’m a full-stack PHP developer. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty with anything from server provisioning, database design & configuration on the back-end — to SCSS and Javascript on the front-end. …and everything in-between.

I've made a range of websites on top of technologies Drupal, WordPress and Silex.

I utilize frameworks like Symfony to craft websites and tools with an OOP approach. I love to really sink my teeth into creating full-featured web applications using Symfony, from CRUD to REST based applications.

To see some examples of my work, head to the Weebie portfolio page or my Github account page.